Thursday 29 September 2016

Time to leave

Finally! What a long journey it has been to get everything ready to leave. Cleaning out the apartment was a tremendous task and getting the equipment has taken so much time. But now, at last, it is time.

Here is the vehicle, 70 kg of bike, trailer, electronics, battery, tent etc. I will write more about the solar system one day because it is well worth a closer look, as are many other things. But now, on the last night before takeoff, I am far too tired to write anything more than this. See you on the road!

Wednesday 14 September 2016

Going in style

Space is very limited but there was a volume that I found a total waste, the can holders of the cooler box. But then one day it struck me - let's find glasses that fit! And I did find two lovely pieces in my parents' vitrine. Now I can dine with class.