Mainly for my own lack of memory I will try to collect all tips&tricks that have been needed to create the webpage www.ayearonwheels.com.

First of all I bought the domain and created a Blogger blog. Following Googles advice on how to use a custom domain name for my blog I realised I had to buy the DNS service as well to be able to set up the CNAME records. The service provider did that for me once I bought the service.

In Blogger there is the concept of pages. I've used this to create the menu by simply adding a Pages gadget to my layout and create the pages I wanted (Home is the original content). External links work as well but they are opened in the same tab, which I do not like. There are ways to open external links in a new window but they all seem to rely on messing with the template's HTML code, which seems like a bad idea. I've lost the change and this post explains more about the pros and cons of fiddling with the template. So I chose not to mess with the template and hence you get the Facebook page in the same window. You just can't get it all...

I would love to use OpenStreetMap because it is community driven, rather than run by a multinational giant. One day I might get the energy and time but right now I will settle with Google Maps. Which is a very nice tool, don't get me wrong, and besides it already tracks my every move...
I want you to be able to follow my adventure geographically. As I travel I will store special places in Google Maps using my phone. Later I will be able to copy the coordinates and place it into this link:
https://www.google.com/maps/place/57.953016, 12.113583
which will then show the point with one of these fancy markers also when exported and inserted into the blog post I'm writing. (Share the map in Google Maps, chose Embedded and paste that into the blogger post, in HTML mode.)
Annoying, but it is the only way I've managed to get it to work. If you mark a random point (not a "proper" place in Google Maps you will not see that marker. And I want it. Also note that My places are visible to me only, as are any saved points (read more about that here).
Another annoying thing is it seems Blogger removes all but the last iframe from a page. First time I tried it looked so good with an embedded map for every day of my travel later as I looked only the first day's map was left. The other iframes had been removed.

PayPal and Swish (a Swedish PayPal using phone numbers) are very easy to set up on their respective sites.

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