16 October 2016
After another boring day of gray skies and no sun I settled in at the youth hostel in Greifswald, enjoyed their plentyful dinner (for just €5) and went out for a couple of beers in a dead town.

13-15 October 2016
The irony of life... It turns out a friend of mine has a mother and god-mother on Rügen, in Baabe just a few hundred metres from where I slept last night! Google map

12 October 2016
The weather sucks and Rügen is just too full of people and national parks so stealth camping it had to be. :( Google map

11 October 2016
The ferry to Sassnitz leaves Trelleborg at 08:00 so I "had to" chose luxury at Systrar & Bönor B&B.

9-10 October 2016
The weather sucks, my body aches and I need to replan. So Lund for two days, where my dear qi gong friend Lisa hosted me.

7-8 October 2016
Christian & Helen, members of Warm Showers kindly hosted and fed me in Helsingborg. Thank you so much for understanding my predicament as I messed up my trailer wheel.

6 October 2016
Among the pine trees just north of Mellbystrand: Google Maps

5 October 2016
Anders in Halmstad, member of Warm Showers shot a video of me talking about my gear. And then fed me well and let me clean my gear after having had instant coffee messing up the trailer.

4 October 2016
Skrea strand. It got so cold the tent was covered in ice...

3 October 2016
An amazing spot in a group of trees by the ocean. Try it! Google Maps

2 October 2016
The lovely Hedin's couple let me use their guest cottage.

1 October 2016
A secluded place where you can hear the waves against the shore. But also a sewage plant and the planes from the Landvetter airport...

30 September 2016
I made it! Got on the road at the end of the month, just barely. Left Älvängen and my parents and uncle after an interview with the local newspaper. Had a coffee at Pralinboden at Olof Palmes Plats in Gothenburg, stashed food (high calory stuff like cream, butter and meat but also cabbage and eggs) at Fram before a coffee at Bar Italia and then headed to a qi gong friend in Särö.

Mid September:
The trailer is waiting in my old child room. You can see Älvängens Cykel at the top where the bike is waiting for me.

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