Want to help?

This trip would have been very short if it wasn't for all the people who have helped me. Manufacturers and shop keepers have given me very good discounts. My employers have granted me a leave of absence. The last client suddenly decided they didn't want consultants any more, giving me time to plan this whole adventure.

But I would still appreciate all the help I can get. Let me camp on your lawn. Invite me to your radio show. Let me write an article in your local newspaper. Enjoy a cold beer with me. Let me work for food and shelter. Contribute by giving me food or money for food. Anything that can take me another kilometer on the road is dearly appreciated.

Note the lack of ads on this site. But yes, I do use Blogger, for free, made by Google who live on ads... Nobody's perfect.

IBAN: SE8180000000075402019886
PayPal: markus@auvinen.se
Swish: +46722377080

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