Tuesday 8 August 2017

Post trauma growing up

I feel I should end this blog with one last entry. I left Berlin in May in order to make it back to Sweden in time for the qigong summer course I always attend. This year the course was the best ever, as always. But it was weird. Because at the end I gave up, I thought I wouldn't be able to get any further during the last few days. (Usually a lot happens at end so this was indeed a strange thought.) When I came home I crashed. I spent two weeks doing nothing. I had no energy, not even to practise qi gong! (I did finish two 1000 pieces puzzles, a practise I had forgotten the joy of.)

But then I woke up, slowly returning to life. After a while it became clear to me why I had this huge dip. I was finally realising I am just a man. I will not become a buddha in this life. I have flaws just like we all do. Damn. But it sure is nice to be a man.

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