Lessons learned

This page is intended to summarise some of all those experiences this journey has given me. So if you are going to do something similar I hope this will help.

  • Preparation will take longer than you think so give yourself plenty of time to plan, practise, get in shape and try out the equipment.
  • All the things you realise you need will cost you a fortune. So save up, beg your family for money or use crowdfunding well in advance.
  • All those things will take a long time to study, find, figure out which kind you want or need or can afford, so again, take your time.
  • Test your equipment thoroughly.
  • Get your body used to biking slowly. Do not rush! There are many days of biking ahead of you.
  • Cream can't take more than about 200 km in a bike trailer before it gets whipped.
  • Set camp early every afternoon. It takes longer than you think, as does the unsetting in the morning.

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