Monday, 22 August 2016

Qi gong power

At Acorn we each year conduct a physical test at Aktivitus which gives a good measure of the current health state. Last time I did the test running but this time I biked instead. So, the status before the adventure starts is as follows.
Note the lactate measured - they were quite surprised! Also note that I have done no crossfit since April, longest run in the last two years is 3x400m (crossfit) and the longest bike ride was 40 km, 20 years ago. Qi gong power, that's all I can say, so thank you European Zhineng Qigong!
  • Blood pressure  129/76 mmHg (down from 138/78)
  • Hemoglobin 156 g/l (down from 166, but well within the 130-170 range)
  • Glucose 6,3 mmol/l (up from 5,8 but within the 4-7 range)
  • LDL 2,5 mmol/l (down from 3,19)
  • HDL 1,6 mmol/l (down from 2,07, worse but still >1,0)
  • Total cholesterole 2,9 (up from 2,6 but still <4,0)
  • Triglycerides 1,0 mmol/l (down from 1,32)
  • VO2max  47,6 ml/(kg*min) (down from 56,6 but apparently running and biking give very different results)
  • Absorption of oxygen ability 4,0 l/min (down from 4,73)
  • Max pulse, estimated 190 bpm
  • Max pulse, measured 185 bpm (up from 183)
  • Anaerobic threshold 160 bpm (down from 170) or 210 W or 2,50 W/kg
  • Aerobic threshold 145 bpm (down from 155) or 160 W or 1,90 W/kg
  • Lactate, max measured 15,5 mmol/l (up from 10,5)
  • Body fat 22% (an "acceptable" level)
Biking for days on end I must keep below the aerobic threshold of 145 bpm. And I'm pretty sure the body fat will go down, maybe even to the "fitness" level below 18. (The "athletic" level is below 13 which is probably impossible loving cream and cappuccini as much as I do!)

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